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Adler - a noted art director, graphic designer, and publisher - achieved cult status for his limited edition books that explore the visual history of surfing and speak equally to surf aficionados, photo historians, and the fashion and visual cognoscenti.

Beginning with his first photography book "Don James: Surfing San Onofre to Point Dune: 1936-1942" published in 1997, Adler provided a compelling historical background to the exploding interest in surf culture. Chronicling a time when fewer than 200 surfers roamed the beaches of California, James evocatively captured the scene with a folding Brownie camera, perfecting his technique as he ventured from the beach to the ocean to follow the sport. Yet as compelling as James's pictures are, it was Adler's sensibility and skill as a book designer that fully brought the works to life.

Adler has continued to produce important and revelatory photo books on surfing and been hired by companies from Polo to Roxy to brighten up their visuals. His latest books, "Surf Contest" and "Ron Church: California to Hawaii 1960 to 1965" bring the work of Ron Church back into the limelight after a long period of neglect. He is known for his keen eye and remarkable ability in combing and contrasting different images.