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Favorites Part 1

August 10 – 23, 2020

Karen Knorr, Guarding Honour, Kota City Palace, Kota, 2020
Michael Light, Hollywood Hills From Griffith Park, Beachwood Drive and Hollywood Reservoir at Left, CA, 2004
Paul Fusco, Untitled from the RFK Train Portfolio. 1968
Brett Weston, Dune, Oceano. 1934
Hendrik Kerstens , Green Turban, 2018 
Thierry Cohen, Dover, 2016
Petra Cortright, “327turbofire”5614Jx3(G)modem_999dolarsarefaretoasia, 2018
Christopher Anderson, Untitled from the series "Approximate Joy", 2017-2018
Mark Cohen , Hole in Shirt. 1974
Paul Cupido, Cat, 2019 
Susan Derges, Holly, 2013 
Robert Frank, Nebraska. 1955
Hisaji Hara, A Study of "The Salon", 2009
Evelyn Hofer, Secretaries in Rawlings Park, Washington D.C. 1965
Farrah Karapetian, Distress: Day 3, 2017 
Liz NIelsen, Tender Stones, 2019 

Press Release

Favorites - Part 1: August 10 – 23

Favorites – Part 2: August 24 – September 6

With the gallery still open by appointment only, for the rest of the month of August I wanted to present two consecutive galleries of some of my favorite photographs by the artists and estates we represent.  Some will be familiar but others have not been shown or are images new to the gallery.

Singly, I hope that each image stands out as a distillation of the distinctive qualities of each artist.  Together, I hope they give some sense of an aesthetic that the gallery has tried to express over its history – appreciative of beauty when it is matched by depth, originality when it adds something valid to the medium.  

The extraordinary thing about photography to me has always been how little the camera matters and how much the individuality of each photographer’s ideas make the picture.  Looking at these two selections of 16 pictures each what I am most struck by is the way you could not mistake anyone’s work for another’s.  

If I’ve missed any of your favorites, please e-mail them to me at and make this a conversation.

Lastly,  I wanted to express my sympathy to all who have suffered due to the events of the last few months.  I wish everyone well and hope that when the new order becomes the new normal it will be in a brighter future.

James  Danziger.