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Bergamot Station - Santa Monica

Opening Doors - A Group Show

February 19 – April 22, 2022

Hans Breder , Hotel Principal, Oaxaca, 1973
Paul Cupido, Yumemiru & Suave Diptych, 2016
Ansel Adams, Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico. 1941
Ulrike Rosenbach , Art is a Criminal Action. 1969 
Richard Avedon, The Beatles, 1967 
Paul Fusco , From the "RFK Funeral Train", 1968 
Anonymous , Muhammed Ali, First Golden Gloves
Mario Giacomelli , Presa di Coscienza Sulla Natura (Epiphany about Nature #4), 1974. 
André De Dienes, Marilyn Monroe, Malibu. 1949 
Lloyd Ziff , Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. 1969 
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Martine's Legs. 1968 
Paul Cupido , Clair de Lune, 2017 
Brett Weston, Dune, Oceano, California. c. 1960 
Brett Weston, Dune, Oceano, California. c. 1960 
Robert Frank, Hollywood Premiere, 1954. 
Tod Papageorge , From "On The Acropolis", 1983 - 1984 
Alice Mann , Values, Dr Van Der Ross Drummies, 2017
Alice Mann , Tanique Williams, 2018
Pierre et Gilles, La Chanteur de Mexico, 2007 
Christopher Anderson , Untitled from "Approximate Joy", 2019 
A Study of "The Salon" (After Balthus), 2015 , 53 x 39.5 inches
Alec Soth , Monica, Warsaw. 2018 (Printed in 2020)
Ruud Van Empel , World #37, 2017 
Petra Cortright , "327turbofire"5614Jx3(G)modem_999dollarsairfaretoasia, 2018
Christopher Bucklow, Tetrarch, 2008 (Printed in 2015) 
Karen Knorr , Arjuna's Path, Juna Mahal, Dungarpur, 2020 
Corinne Vionnet , Capri, 2014 
Adam Fuss, Untitled (1993) and Untitled (1994)
Andy Warhol, "Lips", 1975 
Matthew Porter, Untitled, 2019 
Glen Luchford , Kate Moss, Time Square, 1994 
Jim Krantz, Epic Western III, 2019 
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Radio City Music Hall, 1978 
O. Winston Link, Hotshot Eastbound, Iaeger, West Virginia. July, 1957. 
Thierry Cohen , The Louvre, 2019 
Risaku Suzuki, <<13,4-33>>, 2013
Seydou Keïta , Untitled Portraits From His Bamako Studio. 1950s
Seydou Keïta , Untitled Portraits From His Bamako Studio. 1950s
Michael Light, Untitled/Hollywood. 2005
Ian Ruhter, Cascade Lake, 2013
Susan Derges, From the "River Taw" Series 
Ed Templeton , Sunset (How Typical), Huntington Beach. 2007 

Press Release

OPENING DOORS – A group show.

Danziger Gallery

Bergamot Station – B1

February 19 – April 23, 2022

What connects Ansel Adams’ iconic 1948 image of the moon rising above the village of Hernandez with Glen Luchford’s 1994 photograph of Kate Moss on her first visit to Times Square? What is the link between the swirling impression made by eddies of water on a piece of cibachrome paper as created by Susan Derges and the bright white rectangle of a movie theatre screen made by Hiroshi Sugimoto exposing the negative for the duration of an entire movie? What makes a series of self-portraits by the little known Hungarian photographer  Ujj Zsuszi so intriguing? For those with a passion for the wealth and subtleties of visual language, the discovery, understanding, and sharing of such images is as essential a way of communicating as the spoken or written word.

The photographs in this show come largely from the photographic artists the gallery is privileged to work with. They have been selected for the opening of our new Los Angeles gallery not only because they celebrate the medium; but more importantly, what they have in common is that each is as unique as a fingerprint. Great photographs don't just open a door to the worlds they capture, they open a door to the mind and idea of their creators.

After 30 years of having a gallery in New York, 2022 marks the opening of Danziger Gallery’s first space in Los Angeles.  So this inaugural show in many ways has the notion of being assembled over years if not decades. Finding great pictures takes time. Content matters as does concept.  In so much as each individual gallery has a particular aesthetic that can be defined,  I hope the pictures in this show are mostly uplifting and speak for themselves.

I like to think this medium resonates because there is no fooling anyone in photography. (I don’t mean as in Photoshop which as several pictures in this show demonstrate has increasingly become a vital photographer’s tool.)   I mean that generally speaking no-one feels they need to have a photograph explained or a Master’s degree to understand it.  There is no art form where work speaks for itself more clearly than in photography.

Covering a broad stretch of the history of the medium, these pieces of paper plumb unexpected depths. In a world awash in images, these pictures invite the viewer to stop and relish the moment. They ask questions of authorship and intent. They ask the viewer who is drawn to a particular image to reflect on what it is that provokes a response. A photograph is not just a door. It is an invitation.

James Danziger.

The photographers in the show are:

Ansel Adams, Christopher Anderson, Richard Avedon, Hans Breder, Christopher Bucklow, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Thierry Cohen, Petra Cortright, Paul Cupido, André De Dienes, Robert Frank, Paul Fusco, Adam Fuss, Mario Giacomelli, Hisaji Hara, Evelyn Hofer, Seydou Keïta, Hendrik Kerstens, Karen Knorr, Jim Krantz, Michael Light, O. Winston Link, Glen Luchford, Alice Mann, Sally Mann, Pierre et Gilles, Yuji Obata, Tod Papageorge, Matthew Porter, Ulrike Rosenbach, Ian Ruhter, Alec Soth, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Risaku Suzuki, Ed Templeton, Ruud Van Empel, Corinne Vionnet, Andy Warhol , Brett Weston, Lloyd Ziff.