Lovely Dark: Yale MFA Photo 2015

June 18 - June 27, 2015

Press Release


YALE 2015 MFA Photography Graduate Show

June 18 - June 27, 2015

The Department of Photography at Yale University School of Art is pleased to present a selection of recent works made by the 2015 MFA graduating class, curated by Jack Pierson. The ten artists in the exhibition, David Alekhougie, Zak Arctander, Quinn Gorbutt, Isabel Magowan, Sarah Meyohas, Elle Perez, Bryson Rand, David Soffa, Ilona Szwarc and Annie Thornton work across a variety of media, ideas and techniques, brought together by a shared interest in the photographic image. Collage and construction co-exist with the carefully observed, found, staged, lit, exposed. The artists in this exhibition make artworks in and about the worlds they live in, always open to the surprises and possibilities of the medium of photography. Hilton Als statement about Diane Arbus in the exhibition catalogue’s accompanying essay is fitting: ‘you were different than [Robert] Frank and [Garry] Winogrand and the others you’re sometimes lumped in with because you weren’t treating the image as a kind of journalism, but the record of fantasy—of magic—ground through the glass of the real. Shaping metaphors out of the real is the work of an artist, or those artists who know there’s something better on the other side of daydreaming.’


Over the course of two years at the School of Art, the artists in this exhibition have been guided, critiqued and in conversation with a panel of critics as equally varied and rigorous in approach as the approaches to art making represented in the show: From faculty members Gregory Crewdson and John Pilson; to artists Laurie Simmons, Richard Prince, Roni Horn, Lorna Simpson, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, Collier Schorr, and many others.


The exhibition is on view from June 18th to June 27th. 

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