Martin Parr

Fashion Magazine

March 10 - April 15, 2006

Press Release

Fashion Magazine
March 10 – April 15

With his trademark vibrant color palette, original and ironic point of view, and boundless energy, Martin Parr has come to be seen as one of the freshest and most original voices in photography. Working at a pace, practically unmatched in today's art world, over the last decade Parr has produced over 40 books, curated numerous exhibitions, and exhibited his own work in over a dozen countries.

In recent years, fashion photography has become an increasingly important context for Parr to explore his particularly witty brand of social commentary. Thus in 2005, he created the aptly titled Fashion Magazine, a one-off magazine with advertisements, short essays, interviews, and discerning, often humorous photographs – all done by Parr.

The magazine itself (produced in conjunction with Magnum Photos of which Parr is a member) was released in the fall of 2005 and quickly became a collectors' item selling out its 10,000 print run almost immediately. (The original $15 magazine now sells for upward of $150.)

From candid portraits taken in the streets of Dakar and Essex to highly stylized advertisements (for the likes of Dior, Kenzo, Hermes, Paul Smith and Valentino) the images in Fashion Magazine illuminate how fashion today has permeated culture and transcended geographic boundaries. In switching his focus between the refined creations of haute couture and the real world clothing of the streets, Parr reminds us that no-one is immune from the influence of fashion, and even the most fashionable are not immune from being satirized.

The exhibition Fashion Magazine pulls together over 80 images from the magazine and exhibits them pinned to the wall in a manner designed to echo the high-spirited nature of the venture.

The exhibition "Fashion Magazine" is produced in association with the Janet Borden Gallery, New York.

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